Are you ready to enjoy your Christmas lights this year for a change?

We know that when the thought of hanging your Christmas lights comes to mind it’s mostly an unpleasant and stressful one. Who wants to mess with tangled lights stuffed in an attic or risk falling off the roof or a ladder only to then plug your lights in, flip the breaker to find out that all it does is keep tripping. Let’s face it it’s a headache!

Christmas Lights Pros was founded to take care of the hassle and stress the holiday season brings so you can enjoy time where it matters most – with family and friends. Our professional installers will make sure you don’t touch a single stand or bulb. Christmas lighting installation is our expertise and you wont have to worry about the dangers or headaches that comes from hanging holiday lighting.

What our process looks like

Once you call us, one of our technicians will gather details and provide you will a no obligation free quote (within the Houston area). If you know what and how you want your decorations then we will do just that, but even if you have no clue on how you want things laid out our team will provide suggestions to light up your home for the best value and look.

Some of the packages can includeChristmas Lights Houston

  • Installation of Christmas lights and supplies
  • Repair of lighting if it goes out
  • Provide all lighting and supplies
  • Christmas lighting timers
  • Removal of lights in early January
  • Maintenance and Storage of lighting and décor

Types of lights we offer

Every home and style is unique and so should your Christmas light needs. We understand that and for that reason offer a variety of setups and way to hang the holiday lighting. So you can rest assured no damage will be done to your home in the process. Here are just a few:

  • Traditional incandescent lights that usually line the roof and borders
  • Driveway/walkways with stakes-lights
  • Railing or gate lightings
  • Swag lighting to warp around pillars and columns
  • Lighting in clear or any color to wrap trees and bushes
  • LED’s to save energy
  • Lit wreaths
  • Much, much more!

Our Guarantee

We are certain that you will love your Christmas lights and the work preformed. In the rare case that you don’t we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy then we will just take everything down and refund your money.

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